• Just Think About The Average - review of The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century (Polity Press, 2022) by Louise Perry, for Review31.


Nothing to say.


  • A Pair Of Ragged Claws - review of DARRYL (Clash Books, 2020) by Jackie Ess, for Review31.
  • I Was A Teenage Derridean - review of An Event Perhaps (Verso, 2020) by Peter Salmon, for Tribune.
  • Not Quite Adults - on Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, the Bell v. Tavistock ruling (since overturned on appeal), and the use of stereotypes about autistic cognition to undermine the competence of young people to make decisions about their own identity and medical treatment.
  • Trying to Fix My Introduction - review of Coketown (Wrecking Ball Press, 2019) by Barney Farmer, for Tribune.
  • Milan Marković interviewed me about blogging, philosophy, non-philosophy and poetry.


  • Delicious But Not Enough - review of The Twittering Machine (Indigo Press, 2019) by Richard Seymour, for Review31.
  • Sophisticated Idiots - review of Contingent Computation: Abstraction, Experience, and Indeterminacy in Computational Aesthetics (Rowman and Littlefield, 2019) by M. Beatrice Fazi, for Review31.
  • Bring Me The Head Of Light Entertainment - review of This Time, with Alan Partridge for Tribune.
  • Elegy, a sequence of poems in memoriam Mark Fisher, in Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities vol. 24 issue 1. These poems can also be found here.



  • Shyness Isn’t Nice - review of Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert (Bookworks, 2017) by Hamja Ahsan, for Review31.
  • No Time for Game Theory - on Corbyn, game theory, brinkmanship and the rhetoric of the “nuclear option”, for New Socialist.



  • Rival Dealer - review of Laruelle: Against The Digital (University of Minnesota Press, 2015) by Alexander Galloway, for Review31.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat - review of Information Politics: Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society (Pluto, 2015) by Tim Jordan, for Review31.
  • Tacet - on King Lear’s Cordelia and refusing the injunction to speak, in Bad Feelings (Bookworks, 2015).
  • Killing Spree! - on Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska and the “mean world” of first-person shooters such as Unreal Tournament, in Serial Killing: A Philosophical Anthology (Schism, 2015), ed. Edia Connole and Gary J. Shipley.


  • Guerillas In The Mist - review of Object-Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon’s New Clothes (Urbanomic, 2014), by Peter Wolfendale, for Review31.
  • Blue Screens - review of Critical Theory and the Digital (Bloomsbury, 2014) by David Berry, for Review31.
  • Interview with Graham Harman on H. P. Lovecraft in One+One Filmmakers Journal (vol. 2, issue 13)
  • Two poems (“At last there is no resting place”, “A glimmer here”) from Seven Pits, translated into Serbian by Milan Marković, in Balkan Express 07.
  • Data Modelling in Neo4j - chapter in Neo4j in Action (Manning, 2014) by Aleksa Vukotic and Nicki Watt with Tareq Abedrabbo, Dominic Fox, and Jonas Partner.
  • Koyntly Bigyled - poem (“For closure seek the chapel of mischance”) from Half Cocks, and short prose reflection on “True Detective”, detective fiction and Gawain and the Green Knight, in True Detection (Schism, 2014), ed. Edia Connole, Paul J. Ennis and Nicola Masciandaro.
  • On “The Wolf of Wall Street”, for Ceasefire Magazine.


I have no idea what happened in 2013.



  • Half Cocks (Intercapillary Editions, 2011) - sequence of fifty 50-word poems.
  • Being Dead - talk given at the ICA-hosted event “A Dying Artist”, April 2011. A reflection on Larkin’s “Aubade”, Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, and the “hysterical” fear of “being dead”.


Too busy.



  • Review of Peter Beste’s True Norwegian Black Metal (photo book) in The Wire #297.
  • Review of Striborg’s Journey of a Misanthrope (DVD) in The Wire #291.